Custom Powder Coating and Industrial Sandblasting Services

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About Us
At Protect All, we provide the industry's best, highest quality, longest lasting abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistant coatings.

Operating from a convenient central location in North Okanagan, we are dedicated to delivering you high end specialty custom coatings.

We are equipped with a large curing oven (10ftx12ftx25ft) accomodating projects big and small.

The shop is outfitted with newly installed industrial sandblast booth (12ftx12ftx25ft) efficiently takling all of our customers blasting requirements.


Our custom powder coating service utilizes advanced techniques to ensure precision and consistency, delivering high-quality results for a variety of applications. Whether you need to protect metal furniture, automotive parts, or industrial equipment, our professional team ensures a flawless and long lasting finish. With a wide rang of colors and finishes to choose from, you can customize your project to suit your style and preferences.


When it comes to industrial powder coating, precision and quality are paramount. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced technology and rigorous quality control measures to deliver exceptional results. We carefully prepare the metal surface, ensuring it is clean and smooth, before applying the powder coating using precise equipment. You can trust us to provide a flawless finish that will protect and enhance the appearance of your industrial equipment, furniture, or components


When it comes to removing tough coatings or preparing surfaces for painting and refinishing, industrial sandblasting is the go-to solution. This technique uses high-pressure sand or abrasive materials to blast away corrosion, rust, scale, and other unwanted residues from metal or concrete surfaces. It not only restores and rejuvenates worn-out surfaces but also helps improve the adhesion and performance of coatings. Industrial sandblasting is a cost-effective and efficient method that saves time and ensures long-lasting results.

Preparation: Clean the metal surface to remove any current coatings, grease, dirt, or oil.

Sandblasting: We sandblast the metal with a unique abrasive that aids in the process of powder adhering to the metal surface. This process also ensures the surface is well prepped for coatings, resulting in a smooth finish.

Application: Coating is applied using a positive static charge, which flows through the powder gun. The project is grounded so the powder bonds to the metal.

Place the item in an oven to bake. The heat melts the powder, forming a smooth, even and durable finish.

Protection: Additional coatings can be added at your request to further protect your metals

Cooling: Let the coated item cool down, resulting in a hard, protective layer

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